With many subscription offers, in addition to a membership to the site you originally joined, you also get free access to certain other adult sites. No extra charge. No gimmicks. It's free for you because the site owners want you to be as happy as possible with your membership, so they bend over backwards to provide the ultimate value for you. However, sometimes it can seem a little tricky to get access to those sites. The most common reason that subscribers cannot access a bonus site is that they are trying to log in to that bonus site with the username and password that they received with their initial membership subscription. While this seems perfectly logical, that's not how it works. In short: do not try to log in to any bonus/network site with user name that was given to you by the site you purchased the membership for. Read on for an example.

How to access Bonus Sites (Network Sites)

To access the members' area of bonus sites you need to log in to the site for which you originally purchased the membership for FIRST, no matter which site you intend to browse. Once you are inside that site's members area, if you look around the top of the site, you will find links to the bonus sites. Click those links and you will automatically be logged in to the bonus site, without having to enter your password again. DO NOT LOG IN DIRECTLY TO ANY BONUS/NETWORK SITE WITH THE USER NAME ISSUED TO YOU FOR THE MAIN SITE. That will not work.

Example: Backroom Casting Couch

So you purchased a membership to With that membership you also get access to the members areas of and and the other sites. This is a GREAT deal and a smart choice. However, do NOT try to log in directly to either of those bonus site with your Backroom Casting Couch user name.

To access the members' areas of or and others, you must FIRST log in to the Backroom Casting Couch members area. Once you are inside the Backroom Casting Couch members area, click the name of the bonus site you want to enter on top of any page. You will instantly be logged in to that bonsus site, and you will NOT be asked to enter your username or password again. Yes, it's really that easy.

Other Cases

This works in every combination. If you purchased a membership to then you get free access to Backroom Casting Couch and You will need to log in to's members' area first, and then click one of the bonus sites links on top of any page to be automatically logged in to Backroom Casting Couch or Black Ambush or whatever site you choose.

Why can't I just log in directly to any bonus site?

The sites are actually independently run and operated, using different member/user name databases and plaforms. Everything is encrypted as well. So it's simply not possible or safe to share all that information across sites. The way it works now ensures a safer and faster experience for everyone.