Troubleshooting pesky download speed problems

The sites you are trying to download movies or other files from are hosted on servers which are constantly monitored and optimized to ensure the fastest possible speeds to you. ALL membership sites we provide technical support for run on top notch servers and networks that are managed 24/7 by professional and reputable hosting companies. In the rare event that there is an issue with a server or network, rest assured that their engineers and technicians are already aware of it and are working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing slow downloads for an extended period of time it most likely means there is a temporary problem with your local internet connection, for example between your computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or an issue with your router or other networking equipment. Your physical location may also be an issue: the further you and your ISP are located away from the site's servers, the more connections have to be linked together in order to get to it. The more connections, the more possible bottlenecks or errors.

If you experience slower downloads from one of our partner sites (meaning the membership site you are trying to download photos or videos from) but other sites seem faster, it could be a temporary problem between your ISP and the servers the partner site is hosted at. This is a rare issue and if it occurs it is generally cleared up within a short time. Please try your downloads again later.

Finally, please keep in mind that many videos from our partner sites may be larger and higher quality than what you may be used to. The larger and higher quality a movie file is, the longer it will take to download.

Testing your download speeds

You can test download speeds between your computer and several other servers across the United States for free at

Try several tests on several servers, including servers that are far away from you. This will give you a general idea of what kind of download speeds you can expect.

Extended, unresolved problems

Should you have extremely slow download speeds for more than 48 hours and you are sure that you have been downloading movies of comparable size from other sites in much less time and have made sure that there are no problems with your ISP please contact us to investigate the matter.