Take a deep breath, this probably isn't a big deal

We've listed the most common reasons for getting locked out below. The odds are pretty good that following one of the instructions below will correct your login problems and get you inside the site you've subscribed to right away:

Access denied - Incorrect user name or password (Line 219)

User names and passwords are always cAsE sEnSiTiVe, which means when it comes to both your password and your username that a lower case "j" is not the same a capital letter "J". Though, numbers are always the same case (yes, we actually got that question). Make sure you are putting in the letters and numbers in your user name and password EXACTLY as you received them when you joined. The best way to do this is to copy and paste your user name and password into the log-in fields. This will prevent any typing errors.

If you are sure that you are putting your password in correctly, you may accidentally be adding a space to the end of your username or password and this can also cause your login to fail. Make sure to look where the cursor is at the end of your username and password and make sure that you aren't accidentally adding a space.

To make logging in more convenient, you can use a password management browser extension such as LastPass or Roboform or 1Password to automatically fill in your user name and passwords for you. These tools are secure and easy to use, once installed.

Expired membership

If you are certain that you are entering your username and password correctly, it's possible your subscription may have expired after the last time you logged in. Sometimes credit cards get declined and your membership is canceled without your knowledge. In some cases you may not receive a warning email from the billing company notifying you of the expiration of your subscription. Occasionally these emails get stuck in your spam folder, or are rejected by your email provider. To find out if your subscription is expired you can instantly check the automated system with the billing company to make sure your membership is still active.

Too many IP addresses

All sites have security systems in place that automatically lock out hackers and prevent password theft. Whenever you log into a site, your IP address is recorded and when there are too many different IP addresses trying to log in with your username and password, you might be locked out. This can happen when you access the members area from more than 3 different IP addresses within 24 hours, OR access the members area from more than one country within 24 hours, OR if you use a mobile phone connection (3G or 4G/LTE, which tends to assign lots of different IPs to you in a short time span) to browse a site. If you keep getting locked out for any of the reasons mentioned here, we can exempt your user name so you won't get locked out IF you purchased a 90-Day-Membership. Contact us if this is the case.

If you did get blocked/locked out for this reason, unfortunately you will have to email us for support to fix this, please email support@exploitedxnetwork.com or you can also contact your billing company in order to reset your account.

Banned Country

If you try to access the members area of an adult site from China, Russia, most of Asia except Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and Japan, as well as most African and Middle Eastern countries, as well as some countries in South America, your user name and IP address will be blocked immediately. China and many other countries consider porn illegal. Further, the vast majority of all hacking attempts originate from those same areas on the blacklist. DO NOT LOG IN FROM A BLOCKED COUNTRY. DO NOT USE VPN SERVICES THAT GIVE YOU BLOCKED COUNTRY IP ADDRESSES. Please respect this ban and protect yourself. Do not log in to an adult site when you are in a country that considers porn illegal.

If you do log in by accident from a banned country you will have to contact your billing company AND have them change your user name to reset your account.